Welcome to KEOLABS' Raisonance Support Extranet

The Support Extranet ensures optimal support for the Raisonance brand microcontroller tools by providing a secure, interactive portal for managing downloads, requests and problem reporting. Here customers can:

• Register their product and user information
• Download software/firmware updates and upgrades
• Register software products
• Submit requests for direct support
• Report discovered issues or limitations
• Access technical documentation and application notes


For support requests, this site provides a status of reported problems and "open" requests including descriptions, solutions/workarounds, date of submission and resolution. For customers with a valid support contract, KEOLABS ensures timely responses in accordance with our relevant "Warranty, Support & Maintenance" policies for Microcontroller Tools (internet link).


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 To access the KEOLABS Smart Card Testing Platform support extranet, go to support-keolabs.com